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Gallery Update - Craig Hicks

Badger and Fox

Several new pieces by Craig over on his Gallery page.

The tattoo pictured above was done over a 2 day sitting. Well done Stephanie! If you're looking to start any large projects before the summer period get in touch with the studio on 0161 748 7722 or contact Craig on craighickstattoos@gmail.com to arrange a consultation.

Gallery Update - Gavin Rourke


New work from Gav now up on his corner of the Gallery Page. Loads of new Comic Book heroes such as Groot pictured above!

Gallery Update - Sean Lyons

Mehndi Half Sleeve

New Japanese and Mehndi, pictured above now on Sean's Gallery page. Give the page a look and view all the recent work Sean's been pumping out of late. Several new large projects in the works which we're excited to post. 

If you're looking to start a large project before the Summer period begins contact the studio for a consultation.

Gallery Update - Ben Almond

Tattoo of Servant of Buddha

There's an increasing amount of work from Ben over on his Gallery page. Go check up on all the new work posted as well as his recent oil and flash paintings over on Instagram @benalmondtattoos

Gallery Update - Craig Hicks

Dog Portrait by Craig

Pet Dog Portrait by Craig

There's several new pieces by Craig now up on the Gallery. Including the above pictured Dog Portraits. If you have a portrait of pet or individual you'd like tattooed contact Craig on craighickstattoos@gmail.com with any photos…

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